STILL LIFE ELAINE CFA show Moscow, Moscow Cat fanciers club, 19 april. 

Stille Life ElaIne Michatl Schleissner 5 Best Kitten
Arie Groenewegen 4 Best Kitten
George Cherrie 9 Best Kitten

The new champion CFA STILL LIFE Enrique

The new champion CFA STILL LIFE ARIANA . CFA-show Moscow 27/10/2013Sheila Mizzi ( AB, USA) 6 Best Cat2 Best Champion2 Best Longhair Champion

CH Still Life Elvis Malaysia Cat Show . 15/09/20132nd top cat, best long hair, best all breed.

1-2 December Grand Prix Royal Canin , Moscow 2012

We are very happy that our male Stille Life Marsel showed a greate result! New Grand Champion in one show! Grandpoint scored 221! Many thanks to all the judges who rated so high our male!!!

Don Williams 2 best longhair 2 best Champion

Donna Fuller best Champion best longhair champion 6 Best cat

Dmitry Gubenko two best Champion 2 best longhair champion 10 best catussia 

STILL LIFE MARSEL CFA show 1-2/09.12 Moscow

Robert Zenda Best Kitten,

3 Best Kitten Pam Delabar USA,

5 Best Kitten Michael Schleissner Germany,

7 Best Kitten David Mare USA,

5 Best Kitten Anna Nazarova Russia, 

2 Best Kitten Irina Tokmakova Russia, 

6 Best Kitten Irina Kharchenko Russia 

Expokot September 2010 CFA

Lis Watson (USA)

Best Cat 8 Best Cat 6

Mary Auth (USA) 2 Best champion long hair

Michael Shleissneh (Germany)

Best champion long hair

3 Best champion long hair

December 18-19 2010, Moscow, Russia CFA



Karen Lawrence

2-nd Best Allbreed champion

Best Longhar champion

March, 2010, Ulyanovsk Russia CFA

CFA,Moscow, Russia On January, 29-30th

October, 4th 2009 Expokot Russia WCA

Best of Best Kitten 2

Lis Watson Best Kitten 4

Nancy Dodds Best Kitten 3

Irina Tokmakova Best Kitten 2

Tatyana Tatarchenko Best Kitten 4

Commonwealth on December, 5 6th 2009г. ISU


Louise Guezennec, Sweden (LG) Best kitten-two days

Evgeniy Mechkovski,Kazakhstan (EM) Best kitten

Irina Tokmakova, Russia (IT),2 nd Best kitten

Natalia Lebedeva, Russia (NL),2nd-3 nd Best kitten.

Andreas Kretsehmer-Kraiczek, Germany (BR),Best kitten,2 Best kitten.

Karine Zielincki, France (KZ),2 nd Best kitten .

February 20-21 2010 Moscow, Russia Tica

Amanda Briqth, Canada (AB)Allbreed 2 nd Best kitten-two days

Elaine Hawkswonth-Weitz, USA (AB) Allbreed 2 nd Best kitten-two days

Brigitte Berthelon, France (SP),Longhair Specialty Best kitten Longhair Specialty 2 nd Best kitten

Irina Tokmakova, Russia (IT) 9 th Best Cat

March 2010 г. WCF, Moscow spring 2010

WCF ring Ault 3rd place
1 day- Best of Best show I union 
2 day-Best of Best 3 rd place

FOREST CAT SHOW 2010 Moscow, Russia TICA